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Hodder & Stoughton have reissued The Book of Lost Things in a new edition to celebrate its tenth anniversary. This hardcover includes illustrations by Anne M. Anderson, originally created for a special limited edition published by Edel Torr Editions; two new stories set in the world of the novel; and a new introduction by the author. Copies signed by John Connolly and Anne M. Anderson may be available from No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast, The Gutter Bookshop and Alan Hanna's Bookshop in Dublin, and Goldsboro Books in London. A paperback of the 10th anniversary edition will be available from Hodder & Stoughton on April 6th .

In 1886, there appeared in the Quarterly Review an article on the posthumous work of J. F. McLennan , edited and completed by his brother, entitled "The Patriarchal Theory". [10] The article, though unsigned by the rule of the Quarterly at the time, was Maine's reply to the McLennan brothers' attack on the historical reconstruction of the Indo-European family system put forward in Ancient Law and supplemented in Early Law and Custom . Maine charged McLennan in his theory of primitive society with neglecting and misunderstanding of the Indo-European evidence.

Artist Karl Haendel has been creating an archive of 35mm slides since 2000, composed of found images and photographs. The approximately 10,000 slides are organized into more than 250 categories and subcategories (from the W section: Wedding Geometry, Weapons, White House, World War I), and some of these slides become the basis for his drawings. Though this archive exists in analogue form, Haendel recognized that the popular GIF format functions in a similar manner to that of the slide projector, and thus created a digital slideshow experience of these source images for Art Journal Open. To view Oral Sadism & The Vegetarian Personality (Approximately) , click on the image inside this post to launch the project.

Alibis essays on elsewhere

alibis essays on elsewhere


alibis essays on elsewherealibis essays on elsewherealibis essays on elsewherealibis essays on elsewhere