Amazing essays about life

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People think of life in many different ways. I think of life as a chance to make somthing of your self and become you. Others have other opionions, such as doing somthing daring, religiouse, they think of life as a game. Life is NOT a game, its not a cheat code like in a video game, its not a reality tv show, its not some thing you can fast forward. Life is the thrill. So when you think of life as a game, dont. When you think of life as a cheat code, look at that one again. Becasue what you dont realize is that it could end any second on any given day. There is Qouts that tell you about life, but one I think of most pastionitly is by a man named Charlie Chaplin. He once said ” A day with out laughter, Is a day waisted.” This really made me think of life. What challenges there are. What adventures may come your way. My dad told me ( Robert Fox) ” To go with the flow.” I try. Thats all you can do is try, and see what happens in the next seen. And I myself, Gabby Fox, will always make it a point to help myself last through life, and others like you FIRST.

Amazing essays about life

amazing essays about life


amazing essays about lifeamazing essays about lifeamazing essays about lifeamazing essays about life