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Langston Hughes

My People
Minstrel Man
Mother to Son
Dream Deferred
Dinner Guest: Me
Children's Rhymes
Po' Boy Blues
Dream Variations
Cultural Exchange
I, Too, Sing America
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While teaching at University of Minnesota, Skinner tried to train pigeons to serve as guides for bombing runs during World War II. This project was cancelled, but he was able to teach them how to play ping pong. Skinner turned to a more domestic endeavor during the war. In 1943, he built a new type of crib for his second daughter Deborah at his wife's request. The couple already had a daughter named Julie. This clear box, called the "baby tender," was heated so that the baby didn't need blankets. There were no slats in the sides either, which also prevented possible injury.

Autobiographies famous people

autobiographies famous people


autobiographies famous peopleautobiographies famous peopleautobiographies famous peopleautobiographies famous people