Bachelor thesis logistics

Trailblazers, pathfinders, adventurers, and even reluctant anti-heroes: When questers of any sort—whether willingly or unwillingly—take the road less traveled, why are we compulsively drawn to their tales? In this course, prepare to voyage alongside the brainchildren of global storytellers from diverse eras on literal, metaphorical, and psychological journeys. By engaging narratives in differing genres, including some in translation, and using a variety of learning strategies, such as close reading, students will both explore and consider the ubiquitous themes of overcoming adversity and transformation in characters who undertake roundtrip journeys from their familiar, ordinary worlds to unfamiliar, extraordinary destinations. *This course will be available starting Fall 2 - 2013.

One can pursue many different occupations within the field of logistics. Graduates of bachelor's and advanced degree programs are best suited for managerial and sales positions, while students who have completed an associate's degree in the field may work in shipping, receiving and warehouse operations. Employment change in the logistics industry is heavily influenced by the state of the . economy. Logisticians also have the option of becoming certified by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics or the International Society of Logistics.

Bachelor thesis logistics

bachelor thesis logistics


bachelor thesis logisticsbachelor thesis logisticsbachelor thesis logisticsbachelor thesis logistics