Canadian cultural identity essay

Personal charisma, diplomacy and tact as well cultural sensitivity are quite crucial for the success of a manager in facing and adequately dealing with the challenges of a new cultural setting which may have different work ethic and codes for behaviour. Depending on the degree of openness, the size of the staff and the internal culture of the office, a manager will learn how the staff views him/her. Some workplaces hold regular meetings and these can be places where people would voice positive opinions about a manager’s decision or action. If the issue is a contentious one, some people may voice their opinions, and others may not since they may think that voicing their objections may threaten their job security. Canadian directedness and assertiveness must be used strategically in difficult cases.

The volume’s second section showcases work in which contemporary authors address Canada’s problematic and incomplete nationalism; race, difference, and multiculturalism; and modernity and contemporary culture. The final section includes excerpts from federal policy documents that are especially important to Canadians’ conceptions of their social, political, and cultural circumstances. The reader opens with a foreword by Fredric Jameson and concludes with an afterword in which the Quebecois scholar Yves Laberge explores the differences between English-Canadian cultural studies and the prevailing forms of cultural analysis in francophone Canada.

Canadian cultural identity essay

canadian cultural identity essay


canadian cultural identity essaycanadian cultural identity essaycanadian cultural identity essaycanadian cultural identity essay