Capital punishment essay thesis

The views of the average population are similar to that of the philosopher and Justice, in that the purpose is for criminals to be punishment in hopes that this would to deter future criminal acts. The deterrence theory suggests that a rational person will think twice before committing the crime for fear of the consequences or punishment which is death. This theory has not proven any evidences that this works any better than a lifetime of imprisonment. The reason given is that it takes too long to go through the process to get to an execution so very few executions are enforced. The retentionists proclaim that deterrent influences of the death penalty can cross state lines into the jurisdictions of states that currently do not have the death penalty, so it is beneficial for states that still have the death penalty to continue to enforce it. The imposition of the death penalty for federal crimes is upheld by the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act have imposed nearly sixty new offenses. Some of the new capital offenses include; murder of federal prisoner serving a life sentence and drive by shootings in which the offense pertains to certain drug arrest.(Death Penalty Information Center)

Capital punishment is a controversial issue in United States, which has brought various public debates. Whether they are for or against capital punishment, a great population acknowledges that some crimes warrant its application. Death penalty reduces crime rates to some extent since criminals fear to be executed than going to prison. This paper explored this form of punishment as the only option that seems to give justice to the victims especially if the criminal took another person life. Death punishment requires a genuine conviction so that it does not expose the innocent to unjustly practices or punishments. This is considered because, before execution, legal proceedings and appeals are allowed. It will remain a subject of debate since Christian believes life is sanctified and should be safeguarded no matter what.

The conservative case against capital punishment, which 32 states have, is threefold. First, the power to inflict death cloaks government with a majesty and pretense of infallibility discordant with conservatism. Second, when capital punishment is inflicted, it cannot later be corrected because of new evidence, so a capital punishment regime must be administered with extraordinary competence. It is, however, a government program. Since 1973, more than 140 people sentenced to death have been acquitted of their crimes (sometimes by DNA evidence), had the charges against them dismissed by prosecutors or have been pardoned based on evidence of innocence. For an unsparing immersion in the workings of the governmental machinery of death, read “ Just Mercy ” by Bryan Stevenson, executive director and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative.

Capital punishment essay thesis

capital punishment essay thesis


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