Current controversial issues essay

Family Guy isn't the only Fox show that has fallen victim to the network's censorship rules. Classic sci-fi series The X-Files also had an episode banned for inappropriate content, with the taboo topic in this instance being incest. "Home" was the first ever X-Files episode to begin with a viewer discretion warning and remained the only one to carry a TV-MA rating, which it most certainly deserved.

The episode opens with a baby being buried, a shot that director Kim Manners described as the "most awful" of her career. From there the plot follows Mulder and Scully as they investigate a secluded farmhouse after an abandoned baby is found nearby, and what they discover are three brothers, the younger two fathered by the eldest via their mother. Fox removed the episode from syndication and only repeated it once as part of a 1999 Halloween special, advertising it as "an episode so controversial, it's been banned from television for three years."

Current controversial issues essay

current controversial issues essay


current controversial issues essaycurrent controversial issues essaycurrent controversial issues essaycurrent controversial issues essay