Dirty pretty things film essay

But in ABC’s Dirty Dancing , every single character glides about, capable of a fancy foxtrot or a perfect pirouette. So by the time Baby carries a watermelon (yep, that’s still in there) up to the staff hut, the dancers blowing off steam looks a lot like what’s going on in the main ballroom… albeit with a little more grinding. Add in the fact that the characters often break into song — like when Johnny sings The Contours’ “Do You Love Me?” on the night he and Baby first meet — and the whole endeavor feels like the Disney ride version of Dirty Dancing : cleaner, prettier and way frothier than the already frothy real thing.

W:   The only time I saw her before that was at the New Now Next Awards.  She and I share a manager, and he asked me if I could pick her up, and since I was driving a few of the other girls as well, I figured why not. There was a skit planned with me for the New Now Next awards that I learned two pages of dialogue for, and it all got cut!  I was explaining this to the girls in the car, and Phi Phi was like, “So you’re not presenting anymore?!” She seemed to get happy about it!  And I told her, “I’m still on stage, don’t you worry.” But I was thinking to myself, “Girl, calm down, the competition is over!”  She’s definitely determined.  I’ll give her that.
At the reunion I got heated because she was talking, and I didn’t believe her, and people in the audience were just shaking their heads at her.  I just decided to say what was on everybody’s mind. Right after the show wrapped, one of the producers pulled me aside afterwards hugged me, and said, “I have two words for you: Thank you.”And I don’t know for sure what he thanked me for, but I said you’re welcome!  I’m just here to make good tv.

Dirty pretty things film essay

dirty pretty things film essay


dirty pretty things film essaydirty pretty things film essaydirty pretty things film essaydirty pretty things film essay