Disgrace by coetzee essay

In conclusion, the book Disgrace explores reactions in which humans fight for their rights even if they have nothing to start with, to be human beings. Also the theme of this book is that no matter what Professor Laurie experiences, he should not cross the line with his students. His job was to protect her and not cross the red line which seemed like nothing to him, he should have learnt a valuable lesson when the girl that he slept with boyfriend, told him to stick to his own kind. A guy hi age should be respected from others, and be a role model for many, but not bringing disgrace to his family. One should not bring humiliation upon himself, because one fights all his life to protect his name. What goes around comes around, in which he has harmed others he was fired out of his job, and his daughter was raped. He didn't defend his daughter because he wasn't on her side, in which Lucy wished she could get her rights from the South African government which she couldn't do. This story has very cultural issues that can be applied to real life problems in which, they should be put into consideration.

It is interesting to reflect on which authors Coetzee gets asked to write about. Except for Némirovsky all the authors here are male, and with rare exception white and European. The culture believes the western male to be the image of genius, and enlists Coetzee, a male genius in the western tradition, to consider the subject. Though Coetzee himself is a wonderful critic and writer, a “radical idealist” perhaps, in the vein of Flaubert or Murnane, his list of recent commissions reveals that the highest echelons of literary criticism remain a conservative field. Is anyone surprised?

Disgrace by coetzee essay

disgrace by coetzee essay


disgrace by coetzee essaydisgrace by coetzee essaydisgrace by coetzee essaydisgrace by coetzee essay