Dwelling essay hogan linda

Antifa groups openly advocate violence to stop speech from anyone they don’t want. (It’s only a matter of time before they try to stop Rod –
obviously not a nazi – speaking, if he were to go to one of ‘their’ places) They bring weapons to these rallies and place caches of weapons where the rallies will be held. Their violence is manifested like this: If police are there they throw things as much as they are able to with police around: batteries, bags of disgusting stuff, glass bottles – things that will hurt you. If police are not there they get hand weapons, form a mob and try to grab people, who they pull into and among the mob and smash smash smash while the victim are on the ground. They try to inflict violence especially on the weak.

The idea of a smartphone app that turns my relationship into a PacMan game is hard for me to handle. To me, location-sharing apps like Find My Friends in romantic relationships amounts to embracing the Orwellian inevitability of smartphones. Yes, with GPS-enabled devices, we can see where anyone is at any given time. No, this innovation does not amount to progress in terms of how we interact with the people we love most. It actually seems rather destructive, since it discourages you from talking to your partner and potentially misleads you about their activity. Just because your smartphone can do this thing does not mean that your should use your smartphone for this purpose.

Dwelling essay hogan linda

dwelling essay hogan linda


dwelling essay hogan lindadwelling essay hogan linda