Effect of plagiarism essay

I have all evidences for my legal reasonable doubt :
- that two mayor US film companies : 20-th CENTURY FOX and UNIVERSAL PICTURES (together with 7 other US film companies) have done pure copyright infringement and plagiarism of my registerd script MAGMA TOWN, and shot in the year 1996/1997 two movies : VOLCANO and DANTE'S PEAK, and released them in Spring 1997 and grossed till today about $520 million.
- that based my registered script MAGMA TOWN from 1994. Jerome Armstrong wrote his script VOLCANO, and sold it for US$500,000 to FOX 2000 PICTURES (Laura Ziskin) together with Neal H. Moritz like prospective Producer, in November 1995.
- that screenwriter Leslie Bohem has made pure plagiarism of my registered script MAGMA TOWN, and sold his script DANTE'S PEAK to UNIVERSAL PICTURES for US $1,200,000 and also, that for me unknown screenwriter plagiated also my registered script MAGMA TOWN, and sold his script RING OF FIRE to WALT DISNEY PICTURES for US $800,000, all in Autumn of 1995. .
I have sued all those 9 US film companies by the proper court here in my country Serbia in the year 2000., and the court case is ongoing.
You can open 3 different websites below : from FACEBOOK, 4-th place on the list counted from the end backward, with notices about plagiarism of many high budget American films, that are shot on the basis of carried out of plagiarism right by where you can find that I am the only one writer who is two times on the lists on those websites and that > Rank 15. VOLCANO and Rank 17. DANTE'S PEAK, which were shot on the basis of my original and registered script MAGMA TOWN, on what basis plagiators/companies have grossed in my view possible about US$520 million from 1997. till today.

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In a 2007 article, Middlebury College Professor William Harris pointed out that college administrators had ramped up penalties for plagiarism to help curb the growing epidemic. One such consequence many colleges have added is official notation on your transcript if you are found guilty or judged to have plagiarized while in school. Harris indicated that students at some schools had little opportunity for a fair trial even in cases of "accidental" plagiarism where the student simply failed to include quotes on borrowed phrases. Still, such penalties are intended to deter students since transcripts can impact their ability to transfer or get into graduate school.

Effect of plagiarism essay

effect of plagiarism essay


effect of plagiarism essayeffect of plagiarism essayeffect of plagiarism essayeffect of plagiarism essay