English proficiency essay exam

For English 12 and all other provincially examinable courses, KPU will accept the blended grade (classroom grade + provincial examination grade) OR the classroom grade — whichever is higher — for the purposes of Faculty and program admission, and for satisfying course prerequisites. Current students wishing to use a higher classroom mark for the purposes of satisfying prerequisites should request to have an official copy of their high school transcript sent to Admissions should they wish to have their academic record updated to include the classroom mark for any provincially examinable courses.

Your Official Registration number for the ELDA/COPE will be posted online. We do not send individual receipts. You will need to write this number on your test answer sheets. We post your registration number after we have received your registration form, identification form and payment. We do not normally acknowledge an on-line registration form until we receive the ID statement & fee. You must bring this registration number on the test day OR YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE TEST. Please write it on Part B of your identification statement.

English proficiency essay exam

english proficiency essay exam


english proficiency essay examenglish proficiency essay examenglish proficiency essay examenglish proficiency essay exam