Essay about field trips

Places have both natural and cultural histories, which therefore lend themselves to examination by all disciplines.  Field experiences and research are at the core of many of the natural and social sciences.  The sciences have something to teach the humanities because field experiences are such a core component of their methodology.  In the humanities field experiences might be working in archives, collecting oral histories, performing one’s art for a public audience, but it could also include visiting important historical sites and place-based experiences including using places for inspiration. For more information on place-based learning, see our Place-Based and Project-Based Learning teaching guide.

The choice between using a packaged or a personalized field trip is similar to the choices made in the planning of a real-life excursion. For instance, if students go to a museum and are required to take a predetermined tour supplied by that museum, with no alterations or changes based on their classroom curriculum, that would be considered a real-life packaged field trip. However, if the teacher talks to the museum personnel and has the tour tailored to meet the specific curricular goals of the class, that is a personalized field trip.

Essay about field trips

essay about field trips


essay about field tripsessay about field tripsessay about field tripsessay about field trips