Essay on cow in hindi

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She eats green grasses, foods, grains, hay and other eatable things. She uses her one pair of strong and tight horns to attack on the people as a defence organ to save her child. She also uses her tail sometime to attack. She has long hairs on the tip of her tail. She also has small hair on her body and uses them frighten away the flies. She has highly helped in the human lives for years in many ways. She has been reason of our healthy lives from more than thousands of years. The origin of cow on the earth for nourishing the human lives has a great history behind. We all should know her importance and necessity in our lives and respect her forever. We should never hurt cows and give them proper food and water timely. Cow differs in its colour, size and shape from region to region. Some cows are small, big, white, black and some are of mixed colour.

Essay on cow in hindi

essay on cow in hindi


essay on cow in hindiessay on cow in hindiessay on cow in hindiessay on cow in hindi