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PETA’s position is obviously extreme and one that would never yield results. But that has been its metier for many years. For example, in 2008, PETA sent a letter to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream suggesting that it stop using cow’s milk to make its product and instead use human breast milk. It has protested various video game makers for cruelty toward digital animals in their video games. It has posted articles on its website suggesting that dairy products cause autism. More troubling, PETA has been against the growing “no-kill” movement to spare the lives of unwanted pets in shelters by advocating for and facilitating pet adoption. No-kill has vastly reduced the number of euthanized animals in cities around the country. Conversely, according to The Washington Post , at a shelter in Virginia, owned by PETA, the euthanasia rate was 80 percent and in some years the rate has been as high as 90 percent (the rate in Los Angeles city shelters, thanks in large part to The Best Friends Animal Society’s “No Kill LA” program, has dropped by 66 percent to about 16 percent). That Post article contained a quote from another senior vp of PETA, who explained that "there are many fates worse than euthanasia.” 

My husband has had 8 heart attacks, 2 triple coronary by-passes, has 5 coronary stents, had throat cancer, innumerable skin cancers and is a diabetic. He has said over the years that he cannot try to live less than our animals do. They are the encouragement he needs when taking 16 medications plus 3 kinds of insulin meds seems to be too much. Their love surrounds us every day as does their courage and fortitude. People who do not love an animal will never understand what they can do for you just by living. A warm nose, big eyes, an asking paw all help to heal the day’s trauma.

Essay pets dog

essay pets dog


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