Essays on macbeth themes

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Ambition is often the driving force in people's life. Many are often pushed by ambition, as a motivational force, to acquire what they desire. Throughout William Shakespeare's play of Macbeth ambition is a prevalent theme in many of the acts. Though ambition tends to coincide with success, in this play it leads to the self destruction of many, including Lady Macbeth, Malcolm and Macbeth himself. Lady Macbeth is a deeply ambitious woman who strives for power. She is the one who initially convinces Macbeth to kill King Duncan. As soon as she learns of the witches' prophecies and discovers the opportunity for her husband to become king, she instantly thinks of a plan to accelerate the process. Her longing for power and convincing manner encourages Macbeth to act without reflection and murder King Duncan. Those blinded by ambition raise themselves to a position where they cannot mount any higher, thus falling to the greatest loss. This relates to Lady Macbeth who was blinded by the envy of gaining wealth, in the end committing suicide due to the conscience she had developed.
Malcolm's ambition to destroy Macbeth becomes so strong that he forgets all moral values and disregards the feelings of others. After Malcolm's father was murdered by Macbeth, Malcolm vowed to get revenge. To contrast, when Macduff learns that his family was murdered he becomes saddened, and becomes overwhelmed with despair. It can be seen that Macduff and Malcolm have different reactions to the news. Rather than planning revenge Macduff just became mournful and bereaved. Malcolm, not wanting anything to get in the way of his ambition to destroy Macbeth, tells Macduff to dispute it like a man. (). Due to Malcolm being a young man with no wife and kids he views Macduff's sadness as weakness. Malcolm's dad, King Duncan, died at the hands of someone he trusted dearly, and due to Malcolm's blind ambition for revenge, he won't let Macduff's family tragedy disrupt hi...

Essays on macbeth themes

essays on macbeth themes


essays on macbeth themesessays on macbeth themesessays on macbeth themesessays on macbeth themes