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Most current software development processes try to segregate the different phases of software design into separate pigeon-holes. The top level design must be completed and frozen before any code is written. Testing and debugging are necessary just to weed out the construction mistakes. In between are the programmers, the construction workers of the software industry. Many believe that if we could just get programmers to quit "hacking" and "build" the designs as given to them (and in the process, make fewer errors) then software development might mature into a true engineering discipline. Not likely to happen as long as the process ignores the engineering and economic realities.

Evolutionary approaches to software development are not only supported by leading software development processes they are in fact the norm for agile processes. You also learned that there are some significant problems with the near-serial, BDUF approaches favored by many traditional data professionals.  Most importantly you discovered that it is possible to take an evolutionary approach to data-oriented development activities, techniques that are described in greater detail in following chapters.  The bottom line is that if you want to work with an agile team you need to be prepared to work in an evolutionary manner.  It is a choice to work in this way, just as it's a choice to not do so.  Agile software developers embrace change and therefore decide to work in an evolutionary manner. 

3. Design Throughout The Lifecycle Figure 2 depicts the generic agile software development lifecycle . For the sake of discussion, the important thing to note is that there is no design phase , nor a requirements phase for that matter, which traditionalists are familiar with. Agile developers will do some high-level architectural modeling during Iteration 0, also known as the warm-up phase, and detailed design during development iterations and even during the end game (if needed). Figure 2 . The Agile SDLC (click to expand).

Essays software design

essays software design


essays software designessays software designessays software designessays software design