Financial engineering thesis

The methodology of quantitative finance is different from large parts of physics or chemistry or even biology. Financial models are crude, and are mostly analogies. They say something like “it may be useful to think that people value bonds by discounting them over the paths of all future short-term interest rates.” This isn’t true, but it’s just possibly useful. In contrast, in physics you can say that the quantum mechanical world behaves as though a particle really does take all future paths to its target, with interfering probabilities. This isn’t merely useful, it’s actually true.

“A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering” , Second Edition, by Dan Stefanica. FE Press, 2011. This book builds the solid mathematical foundation required to understand the quantitative models used financial engineering and can be used as a reference book or as a self-study book. It contains 175 exercises, many of these being frequently asked interview questions. A Solutions Manual including detailed solutions to every exercise was published concurrently. The Second Edition of A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering was the Number 1 QuantNet bestselling book of 2013 . This is the first book in the Financial Engineering Advanced Background Series .

The Engineering Program is founded on the basic sciences and emphasizes the development of a high degree of technical competence. It integrates these elements: (1)basic sciences, including mathematics, physics, and chemistry; (2) engineering sciences including mechanics of solids and fluids, engineering materials, thermodynamics, electrical and electronic circuits, and transport phenomena; (3) engineering design, which applies the above elements into the creation of systems, components and processes while optimizing resources; and (4) humanities and social sciences as part of the general education requirements.

Financial engineering thesis

financial engineering thesis


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