Is honesty the best policy essay

Remember that the fibs you tell are not intended to hurt your parents, just as theirs were not to you. Shake the guilt and be creative; adaptation is the key to success . There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to this stuff. Accept the illogical and embrace absurdities. If your nonna insists her car’s outside and she’s got somewhere to be, remind her that “it’s in the shop.” Show her it’s not out front and offer her a ride. Validate her feelings . If nonno needs an aide post-fall but is too prideful (and too cheap), confirm that it’s just temporary and covered by insurance. Empathize with him : a guest at home is not ideal but the doctor wants him stronger (plus it doesn’t cost a thing!). Think outside the box and go with it . After all, they did the same for you .

selfish and immoral, whereas lying protects people from pain. Similarly, it doesn’t always feel great to be lied to. Nobody wants anyone to be dishonest with them. Friendships, partnerships, strangers, etc. , are all based on trust, and that trust is based on honesty. People have faith that someone is honest with them, just like they have confidence in them to be honest with them too, but lying is important to maintain social contact. The truth can lead to more negative than positive. Nobody wants to hear that they look overweight or that their gift for someone is pointless and that they will never use it. If people always told the complete truth nobody would have any friends. Of course everyone would like to be told if their make-up is smeared or that their hair is sticking up, but if someone doesn’t like the style of another person’s hair or they think the way they dress is weird, then that person not only doesn’t want to hear that, but they would be offended by that someone who told them that, causing them to dislike said someone.

Is honesty the best policy essay

Is Honesty The Best Policy Essay


Is Honesty The Best Policy EssayIs Honesty The Best Policy EssayIs Honesty The Best Policy EssayIs Honesty The Best Policy Essay