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The FBI’s National Joint Terrorism Task Force manages more than 100 FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) around the country, where agencies work together to combat terrorism on a regional scale—sharing intelligence and working joint investigations. These JTTFs provide information regarding terrorist activities, enable a shared intelligence base across many agencies, create familiarity among investigators and managers before a crisis, and—perhaps most importantly—they pool talents, skills, and knowledge from across the law enforcement and intelligence communities into a single team that responds together.

This is the Definition of Free Cultural Works , and when describing your work, we encourage you to make reference to this definition, as in, "This is a freely licensed work, as explained in the Definition of Free Cultural Works ." If you do not like the term "Free Cultural Work," you can use the generic term "Free Content," or refer instead to one of the existing movements that express similar freedoms in more specific contexts. We also encourage you to use the Free Cultural Works logos and buttons , which are in the public domain.

Several major sites such as Facebook and Twitter previously offered RSS feeds but have reduced or removed support. Additionally, widely used readers such as Shiira , FeedDemon , and Google Reader have been discontinued having cited declining popularity in RSS. [30] RSS support was removed in OS X Mountain Lion's versions of Mail and Safari , although the features were partially restored in Safari 8. [31] [32] As of August 2015, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer include RSS support by default, while Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not. Additionally, reader services such as Feedly provide synchronization between desktop RSS readers and mobile devices.

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