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The principal aims of the Sabha were: to promote the spread of education and culture amongst untouchables through libraries and study circles; to improve the untouchables’ economic situation by establishing industrial and agricultural colleges, and to highlight the untouchables’ grievance before the government. The Sabha organized a hostel for untouchable youths in Sholapur, established camps to promote a culture of reading an acquiring knowledge and started a reading room and hockey club for untouchables in Bombay. Ambedkar himself traveled from village to village throughout the region of Bombay and Goa to encourage untouchables to seek out their rights and work for social upliftment. He also attended and presided over the first Provincial Depressed Classes Conference held at Nipani in the Bombay Presidency and the first conference for untouchables at Malwan. Dr. Ambedkar also started his second fortnightly Marathi Paper Bahishkrit Bharat on April 3, 1927 to keep the untouchables informed of situations and to attract enlightened Hindus of the upper castes to his cause.

In one project, I worked in an interdisciplinary team on strategic social policy. We each read 200 to 300 bits of data a day  (policy summaries, newspaper articles, and other short reports). We summarised the material as a five minute oral summary or occasionally we provided an one to two page report. My largest report for that team was 15 pages, including photos, tables and references. The project ran for six months, it included a review of over hundred empirical studies and reports as well as analysis of lengthy qualitative interviews that I’d conducted. Whittling the length to 15 pages was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done at a time when I was already used to writing in brief. The length of that report ended up being very controversial since policy makers hate reading anything longer than a two page Executive Summary. The reason why the report was 15 pages and not two pages was because my direct client wanted that extra detail. But I got away with it with other stakeholders because my short Exec Summary was deemed to be very useful. In large part, this was because the Exec Summary included a large table, which actually “hooked in” my broader policy audience.

Quotes for phd thesis

quotes for phd thesis


quotes for phd thesisquotes for phd thesisquotes for phd thesisquotes for phd thesis