Robert browning essay questions


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Finally, one can also see in this poem Browning's fascination with artists and their relationships to their public. In this poem, the Piper is remarkable not only for his talent, but because he is able to achieve his "charm" not through magic but simply by the profundity of his musical talent. In his song, the children are not duped but rather believe in a wonderful world, suggesting the power of art to evoke in us wonderful visions. However, the flip side is that the misuse and disrespect of art can make life all the more terrible. Not only was the Piper betrayed in terms of money, but his art was not respected fully; rather it was treated as a tool. When this happens, he shows the town how terrible that tool can be if the artist is not given due credit for his abilities. Though the poem is not entirely shaped in this direction, it is an intriguing way to link this lovely little children's poem into one of Browning's most pervasive fascinations.

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Robert browning essay questions

robert browning essay questions


robert browning essay questionsrobert browning essay questionsrobert browning essay questionsrobert browning essay questions