Samuel de champlain essay

Course Description : This course is based on the Georgia Virtual World History curriculum. The student will learn about the time frame of civilization as we know it, beginning from the first civilizations of Mesopotamia through the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Enlightenment, onward past the World Wars to modern times.  Students will learn through online video lectures, readings and maps and be able to respond to questions with written work.  Students will learn to evaluate information and become independent thinkers.  This course is writing intensive, and tests are not utilized. Students will give oral presentations, which includes a final presentation of a student-created timeline.

In Dante's fourteenth-century work La divina commedia ( The Divine Comedy ), Purgatory is depicted as a mountain in the Southern hemisphere . It is apparently the only land there. Souls who loved God and man half-heartedly find themselves at Mount Purgatory , where there are two levels, then Seven Levels representing the Seven Deadly Sins with ironic punishments. For example, on the first level for Pride, the penitents are weighed down by huge stones. This forces them to look down in humility at the pavement, which depicts examples of sinful Pride such as Arachne . When they reach the top, souls will find themselves at Jerusalem's antipode , the Garden of Eden itself. Thus, cleansed of all sin and made perfect, they wait in this Earthly paradise before ascending to Heaven.

Samuel de champlain essay

samuel de champlain essay


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