Scholarship request essays

Financial assistance is a major concern for most students who plan to continue their education beyond high school.  This Online Scholarship Guide contains scholarships announced through the Student Services Department of your high school. Scholarship name, discipline, value, eligibility criteria, approximate due date and contact are given for each scholarship. Review this information carefully. Not all applications will be available at the beginning of the school year since many of the sponsoring organizations wait until close to the deadline to send them. In addition, scholarship providers sometimes change application deadlines, so be sure to contact your school counselor about all scholarships in which you have an interest.

New freshmen interested in applying for academic scholarships at the University of Arkansas should apply for admission and request a scholarship application on the admissions form. The admissions application, transcripts, and test scores should be submitted by November 1 and the scholarship application should be submitted by November 15 for priority consideration. The final scholarship deadline is February 1 . The colleges and departments typically award scholarships to currently enrolled students, but new students should consult their college and/or department for scholarship opportunities available to incoming students.

Scholarship request essays

scholarship request essays


scholarship request essaysscholarship request essaysscholarship request essaysscholarship request essays