Small island essay

Through a flashback, readers learn the history of Gilbert’s relationship with Queenie. It begins when Queenie moves to the country home of her father-in-law, Arthur, after her husband, Bernard, enlists in military service. At the time, Gilbert is in the Royal Air Force. He is standing in a field when he realizes that a man is following him. The man does not seem right in the head. Every time there is a loud noise, the man falls flat on the ground. One time, the man lies down in a muddy puddle and Gilbert helps him stand. As he brushes the wet soil from the man’s face and clothes, he finds a note the man is holding. On this piece of...

Small Island is a book written by Andrea Levy in 2004. The novel revolves around World War II and the status of immigrants in Britain post-war. The story tells one of a British couple who had been separated when the husband went to fight in the War and so his wife, Hortense, started renting out rooms to immigrants. The story then follows another arc, one of two married immigrants from Jamaica, Gilbert Joseph and his wife his wife Queenie who are tenants in Queenie's house. Queenie considers herself to be 'upper class' and so finds Queenie's house distasteful. The story then goes on to show how immigrants are not readily accepted by British society and how mixed-race children are looked down upon as if they have no identity. The book follows Hortense's life in Britian and how Queenie welcomes immigrants, unlike many of her neighbours.

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Small island essay

small island essay


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