Term paper on hpv

Hi. I was just wondering if any of you parents of girls affected by the HPV vaccine have had them tested for the actual HPV virus. The reason I ask is because I just watched a programme about the HPV vaccine and a lady on there had the vaccine and within hours she was sick. She was later diagnosed with cervical cancer and it was the same strain as one of the strains in the vaccine that she was suppose to be protected against. She knew this because they had to remove her tonsils and she requested to keep them and had them tested and that’s one of the places that they found the strain of HPV. Some people have it accumulating in the bodies after being vaccinated. I myself allowed my daughter to have the first shot but felt very uneasy with it so I refrained from giving her anymore and I think it is the best thing I could have done. I have an older son who is autistic and was not going to risk it with my daughter as well. I wish you all well. I have made it my mission to get the word out there about vaccines and what they are doing to our children. I am not ANTI VACCINE I just think they should be made a lot safer and given at a later stage in life. Bless.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA, the rate of adverse side effects related to Gardasil immunization in the safety review was consistent with what has been seen in the safety studies carried out before the vaccine was approved and were similar to those seen with other vaccines. However, a higher proportion of syncope (fainting) were seen with Gardasil than are usually seen with other vaccines. The FDA and CDC have reminded health care providers that, to prevent falls and injuries, all vaccine recipients should remain seated or lying down and be closely observed for 15 minutes after vaccination. [31] The HPV vaccination does not appear to reduce the willingness of women to undergo pap tests . [56]

This is an excellent overview of an important new contribution to understanding why HPV’s connection with the development of cervical cancer in women (and other cancers in men) is tenuous at best and is most likely non-existent. This is a position that many within the scientific community have been stating since before this vaccine was introduced and one which government regulators – whose close ties to vaccine manufacturers are a matter of fact – have consistently ignored. One has to wonder how many young women and men will have to be injured by these shots (including the new 9-valent Gardasil vaccine which has more than twice as much aluminium as the old shot) before the truth emerges. Every person who has been injured by a vaccine has a valid grievance against those whose policies allowed their health or even lives to be taken. How much greater is the grievance when that vaccine was shown, from the beginning, to be neither safe, nor effective nor even necessary?

Term paper on hpv

term paper on hpv


term paper on hpvterm paper on hpvterm paper on hpvterm paper on hpv