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And yet when Gilovich sent his results to a bunch of basketball coaches, what happened next is extremely revealing. One responded: ‘Who is this guy? So he makes a study. I couldn’t care less.’ This seems like a perfect illustration of intellectual vices in operation. The dismissive reaction manifested a range of vices, including closed-mindedness and prejudice. It’s hard not to conclude that the coach reacted as he did because he was closed-minded or prejudiced. In such cases as this, as with the case of Oliver, it’s just not credible that character traits aren’t doing significant explanatory work. A less closed-minded coach might well have reacted completely differently to evidence that the hot hand doesn’t exist.

You know the everyday things that we can take for granted; like making your own lunch, getting up out of a chair, refilling your drink, walking down the wall, being able to use a knife to cut your food, remembering when you took your medicines last, being able to put a DVD in the DVD player and know how to. Being able to taking a shower on your own and without having to have someone in the shower with you, washing you. Those are things that are very easy everyday tasks that you can do. This is just a start of tasks that I helped my mother with on a daily, if not hourly basis.

This believe essays

this believe essays


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