Typical sections of a research paper

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Your preferred retirement option may depend on whether you consider that the bonus offsets the reduced multipliers and COLAs. How you determine this will depend upon many factors: the projected years of service and grade at retirement, how the bonus will be used, economic factors, and more. Comparisons between the two retirement options follow for some "typical" retirement situations. These comparisons are sensitive to the assumptions made for each situation. Please view the section entitled Common Assumptions in conjunction with the results. Afterwards, review the section entitled Considerations for a discussion on points that may not have been highlighted by the typical case illustrations. All examples assume you invest the bonus or a portion of your retired pay. If you spend the money, there will be no investment accumulations. All of these examples are based on electing CSB as a single lump sum payment in 2001.

Typical sections of a research paper

typical sections of a research paper


typical sections of a research papertypical sections of a research papertypical sections of a research papertypical sections of a research paper